2019 By the

We’ve accomplished a lot together! While we don’t like to focus on the numbers, they assign value to the work God is doing through us.

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New website.


Our Worship Team wrote and released 2 new, original songs.


This year marked Bible Boot Camp’s 5th anniversary with 108 people impacted by this class, taught by John Small.


Students completed our Young Disciples Step 2 class and had their first communion.


 Marriage ministries ministered to and served couples: Marriage Prep, Marriage Oneness, Keeping the Spark Alive, Marriage 911, Marriage Mentoring, The Art of Marriage and The Marriage Seminar.


Cassie Small has led our weekly Knit & Chat group for 7 years. This community is centered around prayer for one another and a shared ability to create beautiful things.


 Northland strategically partnered with local churches in 10 countries through supported missionaries, compassion and justice work, church networking, discipleship, pastoral and church training, as well as caring for refugees.


Classes, ministries, groups, and Bible studies met on Sunday mornings—including Young Families, Marriage Prep, FPU, Leader Prep, Community LIfe, LiFt, Spiritual Gifts, Perspectives, Blended Families, Keeping the Spark Alive, Love Defined, Arabic Fellowship, Transformers, Latino Ministry, and Marriage Mentoring.  


Middle School LUGroups met weekly.


Lori Landers has been sharing Christ’s loving message through the Motorcycle Ministry for 18 years by riding together to provide fellowship for motorcycle enthusiasts and raising money for various causes such as cancer.


Healing and recovery ministries came alongside hundreds of people.

These ministries include: Griefshare, Celebrate Recovery, Healing Service, Divorce Recovery, Faithful and True, men’s addiction recovery, women’s recovery, couples recovery groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Life’s Healing Choices, Ministers on Duty, anxiety management, hospital visits, Divorce Recovery, Support for the Separated, Caregiver’s Support, Surviving the Holidays, Surviving the Loss of a Spouse, and anger management support (PRAXIS).


Funerals and memorial services were held at Northland to celebrate the life of a loved one. This ministry was able to come alongside grieving families from Northlanders and our local community.


Children participated in the “Not So Terrible Parable” children’s musical.


Campers with disabilities spent a week having a blast at BREAKAWAY Summer Camp.


Northlanders went through the 15-week Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class. Through this discipleship journey they learned about God’s greater purpose for the world and how they fit into it.


Middle school students attended the weekly Sunday Morning Bible Study.


Students participated in the Children’s Choir.


 High school students attended our first-ever MFUGE Camp in July.


Students participated in the Dance Troupe.


 People served on the Connect Team. You’ll catch them wearing a smiling face and an orange lanyard in the foyer.


High school volunteers served our middle school students on a weekly basis.


Our Arabic Ministry gathered 50 times to worship God together in their “heart” language.


Family devotionals were posted online to encourage families to study God’s Word together.


High school seniors participated in Senior Life Prep, where they learn useful skills to help them on their journey to adulthood.


People made a public profession of their faith through baptism.


Leaders were trained through our Leader Prep class—including teaching on topics like spiritual gifting, Bible interpretation, evangelism, discipleship, missions, metanarrative of the Bible, group dynamics, peacemaking, conflict resolution and other key leadership topics.


Committed volunteers served an average of 150 men & women each week as they worshiped live with us from behind bars. These volunteers also hosted small group studies for inmates, including Celebrate Recovery and First Aid Arts.


Adults with disabilities participated in over 1,200 hours of arts classes at Community Art Connection including painting, drawing, drama, culinary arts, dance, and music.


Missionaries were supported, representing 32 mission agencies and work being done in 15 countries.

This work included Bible translation, church planting, evangelism, education and equipping, care for refugees, discipleship/pastor/church training. Much of this work is in areas with unreached people groups and places of persecution.


Kids were discipled through North Sports and Games as they studied the old testament prophets and the book of James.


Backpacks with Christmas stocking stuffers were filled by our kindergarten Co-Op students for kids in the Bahamas.


Grade school students participated in the God of Wonders end-of-year program, where students sang all of their Bible memory verse songs.


Students and adults attended Passion 2020.


People learned how to better care for and understand those that are homeless during a poverty simulation.


Community members attended Rhythms of Grace, our first sensory-friendly, inclusive worship service.


Worship services were translated into Spanish by Northland’s Hispanic Ministry. 


Guests with disabilities or special needs were welcomed by 225 volunteers at the annual Joy Prom.


Middle school and high school students attended Northland’s two summer camps.


121 Hope victim advocates responded to our 100th human trafficker survivor!


High school students attended Christmas Camp, along with 25 college/young adult volunteers, where they learned more about God and growing in relationships with peers through talks, games, activities, and time spent away from the routine of life.


Middle schoolers celebrated at the Christmas Party on the last LUG of 2019.


Over 110 women participated as mentors, mentees, advocates or prayer team members for Flourish, a women’s one-on-one discipleship ministry.


People accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.


Different songs were sung in Northland’s weekend services.


Festive volunteers helped “Deck The Halls” of Northland with Christmas decorations.


We gathered for weekend worship services 170 times.


Over 200 women were taught self defense.


Pints of blood donated by Northlanders—that’s 612 lives saved.


Parents were involved in the new Young Families Ministry, which included: a launch gathering, Double Church small group, Parent’s Night Out and Second Saturday playground gathering.


Women attended each of the 4 Women’s Bible Studies over 28 weeks of the year—that’s 9,498 hours of studying the Bible together!


Various men’s ministries like AMEN, Authentic Manhood, Men of Honor, Men’s Life in Community, Sexual Addictions Anonymous, and Faithful and True  met over 300 times. 


Volunteers were celebrated at our Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast for their service to our congregation and our community.


 Over 338 people volunteered during an Easter and/or Christmas Eve service.


An average of 400 children attend children’s church every weekend. In Children’s Church, our kids study the entire Bible through a three-year curriculum.


Nearly 500 people attended the Fall Family Feast, where 87 participated in the program featuring our dance troupes, children’s choir, signing choir, Community Art Connection choir, and more.


Northlanders spent time serving others during Local Serve Days impacting our community in practical ways.


Prayers were posted on our website and Northlanders prayed over those requests 69,543 times.


Over 1,100 hours of counseling sessions were provided by our Pastoral Care and Counseling team for 165 clients.


 Hours were volunteered by our Disaster Response Team.


Servers and ushers volunteered to serve communion this year!


Gifts were donated for the Christmas House shopping experience.

As a result, 91 families participated as shoppers during this year (which included an application, orientation and shopping experience where they connected with a team of 70 volunteers who created a warm and welcoming shopping experience). Because of your generosity, shoppers were able to walk out with wrapped gifts for over 242 children to put under their tree this Christmas.


Dads and daughters attended the Daddy Daughter Dance.


Over 2,550 meals were served to those participating in Celebrate Recovery. All these meals were cooked and served by our amazing volunteers who helped to form community and fellowship.


Posts were added to our social media channels which resulted in 6.4 million views/impressions.


Meals cooked and served by the Disaster Response Team.


More than 4,000 people attended Trunk or Treat where over 32,000 pieces of candy were handed out via 29 decorated trunks and 150 volunteers!


Children received childcare during Monday through Friday for congregants attending Bible studies, care groups, and other classes!


Over 5,950 people were served (4,700 adults and 1,250 children) at Celebrate Recovery, which also celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and has met on  520+ consecutive Friday nights.


$6075.93 (to be exact) was collected in offerings by our children in Children’s Church for many local and global ministries.


Miles traveled for deployment by our Disaster Response Team.


Almost 7,000 people from more than 80 countries are using Worship, Word & the Way in their ministries, with over 27,500 views of videos on Vimeo and YouTube.


 Pounds of food collected for the Red Bag Project, creating 600 bags to deliver to schools in our community.


Dollars raised from Bookstore Pop-Up shops in the foyer to support the Bookstore ministry to serve the congregation and community well. 


Hours of counseling sessions were provided to over 565 clients by our volunteer Reformed Theological Seminary interns pursuing their Master of Arts in Counseling. 4 interns moved back home to serve in Christian private practices in Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Michigan.


People worshiped with Northland online through the website. 178 different countries joined in, including 233 visitors from Australia, 116 from Brazil, 29 from Egypt and 3 from Uzbekistan. And that doesn’t even include those watching with us from Facebook, Roku, or YouTube.


Props used by Pastor Matt in sermons. This does include 21,005 communion elements and 14,676 gumballs!


Over $50,000 was awarded in scholarship funds for those in financial hardship and seeking counseling services.


Dollars donated on #GivingTuesday!


Dollars raised to benefit those in the Bahamas.


Visits to Northland’s website from places near and far, including Kenya, India, New Zealand, Peru.

Amazing Grace!

The people of Northland are eyewitnesses to what God is doing as we link together for worship and service everywhere, every day. That cannot be quantified, but the numbers can be inspiring!