Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

Carol Raetz

February 19

My husband Neal fell Sunday morning and broke his hip. His surgery is today about noon. Please pray for all to go well, for the doctors and surgical team. Our two daughters are here with us! Thank you Lord. Pray for our peace of mind as we wait.

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February 18

Please pray for the grace I need to get ready for the trip where I need to care for my elderly mom for 15 days. Protection for my teenage and his sister… Thank you

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February 18

Please pray for healing for my son who is having some mental health issues. Please pray for us as a family as well as we try to help, find peace in our home, and heal broken relationships. Thank you!

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Vincent Caruso

February 18

Please pray for my dearest angel Mary McGuire that Gods loving arms grace kindness blessings protection salvation healing bless them financially and bless her job at Home Depot keep them healthy and safe that holly spirit walk and guide bless protect heal watch over them in Jesus loving loving name...

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Suann Chisolm Prince

February 17

Continue to pray for my best friend Marsha, the family and doctors decided to put her under hospice, for Allen’s eye surgery on the 26 February 19, and The Franklin Family death in family. Ms. Irene digestive issues, Mrs, Doris memory issues.

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David Jenson

February 17

I’m under supreme stress right now - my job and business are at stake -I’m looking at a potential fine and i need the money to take care of my daughter. Please that i will successfully release all of my worries to my precious Lord and will once again find His Favor and overcome these circumstances...

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Maria Owen

February 17

Currently in the delivery room so all prayers are appreciated for an easy deliver, the well being of the baby and myself and a healthy baby.

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Jenny Vincent

February 16

My son’s teacher was recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of MS. She has been in the hospital since November and cannot walk. Please pray for her and her family during this difficult time. May God bless her and heal her, in Jesus name we pray.

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Jenny Vincent

February 16

Asking for prayers for the Montanez Family who has had several deaths in their family lately. They just recently lost their Uncle last weekend. Now they have received news of one of their brother’s having lung cancer. May Jesus comfort them, heal them, and give them peace. Thank you all for...

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February 14

Please pray for the following: Angelette Baez - in the hospital with pneumonia– Robert Smith - diagnosed with cancer– Suzanne’s family- divine healing for her sister, uncle and aunt – Barbara Tubec - her cousin Gary is in the hospital with kidney failure. His mother who is 90 years old is...

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Laura Carey

February 13

Please pray Jesus pour a blessing on me and cover me with the blood of Jesus I’m on disability a fix income suffering hardship with my rent and utilities bills Pray for a healing strength forgiveness in my life and home and family for peace respect obedience salvation joy happiness wisdom...

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