Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

Matt Sedgwick

November 24

I am struggling, have lots on my mind, dealing with knee pain and I am missing my grandma who passed away June 9th 2016 due to Alzheimer’s

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p f

November 23

Pl, pray for peace over my dad as my mom had passed away 4 months ago… And for L., F., D., whose dad had passed away some years ago. and not able to be together this Thanksgiving. For the LORD to heal, protect, keep. Thank you

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November 23

We are under high stress as a family. My wife’s physical and mental health while dealing with our newborn. Her car just broke and we are having difficulty with managing a car payment and affording daycare. We could use grace and peace and solutions as I struggle to get enough work to help cover...

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Steve Roche

November 22

Lord, please heal my son Joe. He is going through a very difficult health issue and his mom and I pray for your healing hand both direct and through the wonderful caregivers who are tending to him. Please wrap him in your love and mercy and restore him back to health. Amen!

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November 21

Emergency Prayers needed please , My mom’s blood pressure is 191/101 right now. Stroke level at 87 years old. Her name is Sondra. Appreciated.

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November 20

Please pray for my father, we recently found out his cancer is back. We are trying to find out if he is a candidate for resection and could really use your beautiful prayers!

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Dawn Braverman

November 20

Pray for my daughter Tana Braverman she is in the hospital she has a blood clot in her right lung and an enlarged something in the middle of her chest and might be cancer thank you

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Kara Eldridge

November 19

Please pray for my future father in law who is in the hospital battling 2 separate infections. We need God’s divine intervention. Praying for healing of mind and body. His name is David. Thank you

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Wendy Loth

November 15

Please pray for my husband and our family. He has just been diagnosed with ALS. We are scared , worried, angry, sad. This is not what we wanted our lives to look like. He has always been such a strong, positive, Christian man. He doesn’t understand why God isn’t him. Thank you.

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Julie Brown

November 14

Please pray my nephew, Brandon, does not have covid 19. Please pray God heals him from not feeling well. Also, please pray his Dad does not think improperly about why he is missing work (he works for his Dad). Apparently his Dad thinks he is doing wrong things, but I do not believe he is. He...

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November 13

I’ve been having pain under my rib cage that runs from back to front and I’m worried I cry to God all mighty for healing ! I believe with all my heart in his healing power please help me pray

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