July 10

Sheryl Montoya

Please pray in agreement for a job I applied for with the state of Texas. Its working with kids in the foster care system, along with their families and the foster care families. I applied 5 weeks ago and took all of their assessments. I was told my info was turned over to the hiring managers. They job hasn’t been filled yet and I am in desperate need of a job. My faith has been tried through fire and I lost everything. I haven’t worked in over 5 years because of doors being slammed shut or blocked that has kept me from working. I really need to work and this job is perfect for me. I really want this job and need it. This job would answer some of my prayers as it is where I want to move to and the pay is great and the job itself would be so rewarding to me to be able to help kids who have been abused and neglected.

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