July 10

Sheryl Montoya

Please pray in agreement for my daughter Erin. She applied with out local grocery store- HEB and she is still under review with them. They pay good to their employees and she is in college and they have the flexibility she needs plus they will do tuition reimbursement. She is having a hard time finding a full time job and barely works part time at the campus bookstore now. Also- could you also pray for her 2016 tax returns. She applied for them in 2017- but she as told she had to go down to the IRS to show them her ID. Her boss at the time refused to let her have the time off to do and she would have needed more than an hour to do that. She reapplied this year in January but it has been under review since the end of March/ Early April. She was suppose to get her $2501 by May 9th but she hasn’t heard anything from the IRS. Please pray the IRS releases the $2501 now- as she needs the money and is barely making it. Thank you

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