January 11


Thank you for your prayers last week..i totally felt them and know that thru all the prayers god did interviene on friday…after gettin checked in, talking to the doctor, IV inserted, bloodwork taken another ct scan prior to procedure was taken… Dr. Patel and 2 other doctors decided not to do the biopsy as he said that he did not have a clean shot to fire the biopsy gun (or whatever it is) as it is to close to my pulmonary artery…advised that he felt that for my safety this procedure was not in my best interest……said that he was going to be in touch with my pulmonary doctor with his decision and probably this would be more suited to be taken up with a surgeon instead… With all this being said i am very confused right now….i have an apt tomorrow with another pulmonary doctor for a 2nd opinion, and apt on friday with a thoracic surgeon and apt on next tuesday with moffitt cancer center in tampa…hopefully theu all this i can find some answers or peace…i just still dont understand it all…its the same size as it was 2 yrs ago but all of a sudden now its a problem and must come out….ughhhh!!! Prayers for complete healing with this…please

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