January 11

Julie Brown

I still need CONTINUING PRAYER for EXTREME BP and Heart Rate attacks I am having since last April. No doctor has been able to completely figure out what is going on. In addition to my BP and HR suddenly surging extremely high, I have a pounding pain in my head, shakiness, and the feeling of being very cold that can accompany the attacks. I can feel the pounding pain and overall just not feel very good - even when my BP and HR are normal. Please pray God gives WISDOM and GUIDANCE to my doctors. I have an appointment with a NEW Cardiologist, Dr. Jamnadas, next Wednesday, January 20. Please pray he can help me by the grace of God. Also, I just gave blood for several tests to be run and have done a specialty 24-hour urine test, with another one being done soon. Please pray nothing life threatening is going on and that God heals me. I just applied for Disability last week regarding all of this; please pray God allows me to be approved, if He is willing. Thanks so much!

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