February 18

Lisa Tritch

Good Morning Everyone. I come to ask if we can all pray foe my dear friend Candace Gernert . She recently received grave news about her Father Lynn Edward Ferdig . He has been fighting cancer for a long time. Unfortunately their is nothing more the drs can do for him. She is currently In the state of Ky and her father is in fl. At this time she cant be with him .But praying he hokds on until she can see him and say her good byes. I pray the lord gives her stregth and time to see him to get all her love and words of her chest and heart and mind and that our loving lord will allow her that time. I pray he crosses over gently and peacefully when its his time to go home with our father. Thank you for each and every one of you . Who take the time to pray for her and her father.

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