Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

Rosemary Zeiger

September 2

Please pray for my Aunt Jackie, she has stage 4 breast cancer and has tried a couple of chemo treatments that have not helped her. The new chemo treatment she is on now seems to be helping her and so I boldly pray for the tumors and cancer to disappear. Please pray for the Bahamas.

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Kim Henry

September 1

Please pray that God and the Holy Spirit will block and stop my husbands ungodly extramarital relationship and all the activities that go with it, will end and be rebuked in the name of Jesus and by the almighty power of our deliverer. Please pray the Holy Spirit will anoint my Husbands heart,...

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August 30

Please pray for my brother with this big storm coming. He has a commercial building in Titusville that is his only livelihood. Pray for safety, peace of mind, god’s grace & mercy. Relief from worry. Safety for my 2 horses in apopka as well please. Praying for all of you during this time.

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Josette Lelle

August 29

Please pray for my nephew Joseph who has stage 3 skin cancer and is being rushed into surgery tomorrrow morning at 5:30. He was originally diagnosed as stage 1 but was misdiagnosed. He hasn’t been able to work because of the pain he’s been in and he’s a true servant of God. Loves the lord with...

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Prayer Line Request

August 28

Gloria B. request prayer as she is having problems with her spine, pelvic and stomach. Gloria request prayer for the following people : *Roberta - has problems with her feet and legs swelling *Terrell - an 18 year old who had a successful heart transplant ten years ago. He is currently in the...

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Prayer Line Request

August 28

Lajoy P. is a single mom of two children, Brandon, 8 years old and Anaya, 1 year old. They are currently homeless. Please pray for their courage and strength as they patiently wait to receive help from the Pathway for Families program, and hopefully receive placement in a low income apartment.

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Rick Martin

August 28

Pray that God would quickly lead me to the next career opportunity and that II will win the daily fight with fear and trust His timing is perfect .

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Kim Henry

August 26

I pray for my husband to come back to Christ. Please pray that my marriage will be renewed, restored and reconciled with God at the center. Please pray for the relationships between my kids, my husband and I as the enemy tries to give us strongholds ( hurt, anger, resentment, malice etc.) on us...

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Courtney Lacy

August 24

Please pray for my family and I as we are in hard times right now and all looking for the right direction to go in. We are all strong but we always need someone there and God always is but right now I am the only one who it seems to be seeing that. Help us to understand and see him to follow him...

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