Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

Jennifer Fowinkle

October 25

My husband and I are flying to Washington DC in two weeks to make an appearance at the Navy’s Discharge Review Board. We are petitioning for an up grade of his discharge from almost 15 years ago. He has asked me to speak on his behalf and I am scared. I don’t have the right words to say.

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October 25

Thank you for your prayers regarding Jim. The court was fair with him regarding his finances. Continue to pray that he grows closer to God. Continue to pray for Deb. She is about to begin Chemo for stage 3 ovarian cancer; she feels strong thanks to your prayers.

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October 25

Dear Lord, You know my heart and you know my mind. Please give me the courage to be your light in me. Let your words come to me so that my fellow workers and family do see the difference. Help me to remember that with every challenge facing me, you are with me. Faith and patience/that your plan is...

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Dawn Canright

October 24

…Would appreciate prayer regarding Dr.s visit, Monday morning…related to recent findings, pointing to connective tissue, auto-immune disorder…Last week’s 2nd round of blood work, again showed positive results…Discussing further tests, and some treatment options tomorrow…Also praying, regarding need...

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October 24

Please help me to find direction in my rudderless life. I’m drifting with no permanent job, a house for sale, and a pending divorce. My life is in ruins.

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October 24

Pray that I can grow closer to God and to be able to learn what his will is for my life. Also pray that I can continue to keep my job and not get laid off, I am a single mom, AND for my health.

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Kris Kuipers

October 24

I am suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. One of the symptoms are sub-cortical seizures. MD’s have not found the right med to control them. they can be mild to severe. Please pray for healing and for wisdom for the MD’s and blessing of perseverence b/c It’s really easy to give up. God is good in...

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October 24

I pray that my husband and I can look past our differences and look up to the Lord to help us through our difficult times.

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Anne Wood

October 24

My son, John, that he would find complete healing and relief from pain in his body especially in his neck and from his recent surgery.

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Patricia Luna

October 24

Please pray for my fiancé Phillip, he is an excellent writer, but it has been difficult to find someone who can promote and sell his book, as he needs money to pay for an agent. Please Lord guide him to the right hands where to send his book where he can get that it be published and well...

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Patricia Luna

October 24

I pray Lord to guide me in the right path specially for the future of my daughter Estefania, if it is better for her to move to California and to live there with us and study there, and abandon her studies in Venezuela, please drive us to that path, if it is not good for her, please let me abandon...

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