Prayer is not just about asking God for help. Prayer also offers a unique opportunity to invite others to ask God for help on our behalf. Lift some of these requests up to God during your prayer time today.

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Prayer Requests

Sandy Myers

October 24

My sister is wanting to moved out of state with her husband to accept job offers and an oppotunity to see their dreams come true. Her exhusband is fighting her for full custody since she filed for permission from the judge to take their son out of state. This has caused alot of stress in the family...

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October 24

My big brother’s 16th birthday is tomorrow and instead of being somewhere where he is loved, he is in a juvenile delinquent center. He is headed down the wrong path and I want him back. I pray that he can truly find you and find peace with himself and everyone that he’s hurt.

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October 24

I pray that I would be forever done with the urge to use drugs, that I would have the courage to stand firm during this trial, and build godly character.

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October 24

I have a friend, Peggy, who has been attacked with all manner of physical pain that the doctor’s have been unable to diagnose a cause for. Please join me in asking for the Lord’s deliverance. Also, many in my family need to know the Lord’s salvation and walk closely with Him.

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C Ortega

October 24

I am in desperate need of a new job opportunity. I am emotionally drained from my current job. I need an opportunity where I am able to better fulfill Gods plan for me. I have a potential opportunity where I would be able to have better life balance. Please pray for that I find my new path and...

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October 24

My orphan friend just got a family. But now that he’s got a daddy, mommy, and big brother. He no longer needs me. I’m just not needed anymore. He told me to stop loving him. I could really use your prayers

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October 24

Please pray for my family, as we are about to lose everything, from our home to my health to just not knowing who I am anymore. I feel as if I am a in a dark tunnel and see no light at the end of it. We have 2 toddlers and I want so much more for them in life. We just need a little break and some...

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Dianne Blue

October 24

Please pray for Talia Castellano age 11. She has suffered another relaspe as she continues to fight the cancer-nueroblastoma- since 2007. She has undergone many surgeries & chemo-treatments and recently, October 15th-they removed a new tumor. She is under the care of Dr. Kushner at Sloan Kettering...

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October 24

Father I praise You for the struggle that You have brought into the most important relationship in my life. Thank you for continuing to shape my heart with pain. Make Yourself known CLEARLY Lord to these people whom we both love dearly. And please Lord, no matter what the cost, remove the things...

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Patti Carey

October 24

My sister and her husband recently lost their 29 year old daughter. I would like to request for prayer to help them through this very difficult time. My brother in law has not slept for more than a couple of hours at a time for two months. Also, if it’s not too much, My other sister has been...

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