2020 By the

DISCLAIMER: All maskless photos were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and all events held on campus follow rigorous physical distancing protocols.

We’ve accomplished a lot together! While we don’t like to focus on the numbers, they assign value to the work God is doing through us.

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Global Pandemic


Seminars for Surviving the Loss of a Spouse and Surviving the Holidays were hosted on campus during 2020.


Terabytes of audio recorded on 3,328 tracks (5000 cassette tapes worth).


Knit and Chat celebrated its 8th year of ministry.


Couples strengthened their marriage through The Art of Marriage class, led by Alan and Dorothy Mowbray.


LifeHope Childcare moms spent 6 weeks studying “Undaunted: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do” with 121Hope’s Leadership Team.


Disciple-making groups (D-Groups) are journeying together learning how to be disciples who make disciples. 


Disaster Response Team members deployed for 7 days, made 1500 meals, and traveled 4,620 miles.


Human trafficking survivors were helped by 121Hope victim advocates.


Classes, ministries, groups, and Bible studies met virtually and on-campus on Sundays—including Young Families, Marriage Prep, FPU, Leader Prep, Community LIfe, LiFt, Perspectives Alumni, Blended Families, Keeping the Spark Alive, Love Defined, Arabic Fellowship, Latino Ministry, Love Defined, and Marriage Mentoring.


Adults were baptized on campus and in the homes of congregants.


Missionary work is being done in 20 different countries through missionaries and church partners we support.

This work includes Bible translation, church planting, discipleship and evangelism, leadership development, care for refugees, pastor and church training, compassion and justice work, and short-term mission trips. Much of this work is in areas with unreached people groups and places of persecution.


Healing and recovery ministries came alongside hundreds of people this year.

These ministries include: Griefshare, Celebrate Recovery, Healing Services, Divorce Recovery, Faithful and True, Men’s Addiction Recovery, Men’s Sexual Addiction Groups, Women’s Recovery, Couples Recovery Groups, Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Life’s Healing Choices, Ministers on Duty, Anxiety Management, Hospital Visits, Support for the Separated, Divorce Recovery, Caregiver’s Support, Surviving the Holidays, Surviving the Loss of a Spouse, Marriage Mentoring, and Anger Management Support (PRAXIS)


This year marks the 21st anniversary of the Northland Newspaper, now called Engage.


Infants and children were baptized or dedicated.


LifeHope Childcare served 24 moms and 26 babies (which includes some twins).


Online Children’s Church services have been posted this year and 131 Children’s devotionals.


People registered for our Bible Journaling Class, meeting in-person in February, August, and September. They continued to meet regularly on Zoom throughout the spring and summer.


Masters of Arts in Counseling graduate interns (from Reformed Theological Seminary) served on Northland’s Pastoral Care Team.


Northland’s Cooperative School celebrated its 35th year.


Connections Volunteers are dedicated to helping people feel welcome, known, and loved when they walk through the doors of Northland each weekend.


Small groups met 1,232 times this year, with an average of 477 people per week.


Leaders were trained through our Leader Prep class pre-pandemic.


Over 40 volunteers and their dogs from Pet Pals visited 6 assisted living facilities and nursing homes pre-pandemic.

Later in the year, Pet Pals had its first-ever car parade at Cascade Heights to spread the joy of Christmas by sharing their furry loved ones in Christmas-decorated cars for the residents sitting outside! 


Women, both mentors and mentees, have been prayerfully matched through our women’s mentorship ministry, Flourish, and are studying God’s Word and growing in their faith and walk with Jesus


Artists with varying abilities took online and in-person art classes through Community Art Connection to develop creative expression, connect with friends, and build critical social connections.


Nursing home residents are being matched with volunteers to receive letters, cards, photos, and God’s love to brighten their day. This brand new ministry, Pen Pals, meets monthly via Zoom to pray for the residents, staff, and family members.


Meetings were held for our Lead Pastor Search—equalling 53 meeting hours.

This does not include the countless hours spent outside the meetings performing activities such as individual/group prayer, performing administrative tasks, and evaluating candidates. Like so much of the ministry at Northland, the vast majority of this effort is voluntary. Thank you!


Gallons of hand sanitizer provided and miles and miles of masks used.


Families benefited from our annual Christmas House experience. 205 children received gifts as a result of your donations.


Volunteers in 53 cars were celebrated in our Drive-Thru Volunteer Celebration. 19 of those cars participated in a car decorating contest.


People took part in the Bible Boot Camp class this year and met 129 times, including one attendee who joined virtually from Bronx, NY.


An average of 125 men and women worshiped with us from behind bars until March when COVID-19 shut down our visits. The team of 50 volunteers looks forward to reconnecting with our family behind bars once it is safe to do so.


Over 140 people volunteered at our Christmas Eve Services. Thank you!


People from our collective leadership community (elders, pastors, staff and congregational leaders) read through the Master Plan of Evangelism, aligning us around Jesus’ vision for disciple making.


Student Ministries hosted 163 Zoom Video services, Bible studies, and hangouts.


Over 200 used Bibles were collected in the Bookstore and donated to our prison and homeless ministries.


Boxes of cold food were distributed to families in need during a drive-thru event on campus.


Families participated in our Virtual Vacation Bible School this summer, and at least 2 children accepted Christ!


People were impacted by the 14 demands of love taught by the Love Defined Ministry, which celebrated its 5th year of ministry.


Northlanders served at 3 Local Serve Days at 18 different virtual and in-person projects.


Women participated in the Women's Bible Study—both for in-person and online studies.


People participated in one of 5 Access drive-by parties held in 2020! These drive-by events were a great opportunity to see friends, party in your car safely, and be reminded you are loved!


Daily Devotionals were shared on Facebook Live.


Prayers were posted on our website, and Northlanders prayed over those requests 69,305 times.


Prepackaged communion cups served this year to avoid extra contact.


 Lives saved by the 215 pints of blood you donated.


People met on campus and virtually for GriefShare meetings, experiencing care and compassion during a time of personal loss.


Zoom classes and gatherings were hosted by Access Ministries and Community Art Connection with an average attendance of 13—that’s 12,363 smiling faces connecting online in just one ministry area this year!


Gift bags were given to the homeless in three months.

COVID shut down 121Hope’s Club Outreach for women trapped in the sex industry, but it didn’t shut down 121Hope’s heart. They continued to make gift bags and gave them to the homeless instead.


Bags of food were sent home each Friday with school children in need because of your food donations in May for GivingTuesdayNow.


Dollars were collected from Children’s Church offerings and supported children through local and global ministries.


The Cut-Ups crew and Connections volunteers made 1,600 Christmas Bags for Christmas Eve Services.


Our Connections Team sent 1,681 texts, phone calls, and emails to connect with you.


Attended our annual Daddy-Daughter Dance (1293 daughters and 944 dads).


People downloaded our mobile app!


Over 2,800 attended Celebrate Recovery this year to experience Christ and to learn to heal.


Candles were gifted to our in-person attendees this year during our Christmas Eve services.


The Northland Bookstore was privileged to serve and minister to over 4,000 current and new customers during the pandemic.

In fact, sales increased by 30% during the weekdays after opening in May, we believe, due to both the need for Bible-based products and the closing of most other Christian bookstores in the area.


Paperback Bibles were purchased by a private property manager as giveaways to their residents.


Hours of counseling sessions and services were provided to 681 clients by our Counseling Interns and Pastoral Care Team.

2,546 appointments were provided remotely as telehealth sessions to meet the needs during COVID.


Dollars donated for Christmas House, our annual shopping experience for those unable to purchase Christmas gifts for their children.

Through your generosity, 2,043 gifts were donated (300 more gifts than last year). In addition to the money and toys, 58 volunteers donated their time to make Christmas House possible over four days in December. Eight local ministries both inside and outside of Northland received the leftover toys!


Dollars were awarded in scholarship funds for those in financial hardship and/or seeking counseling services.


Users participated in online worship on our website during 2020

We were joined from 117 different countries, including 75 visitors from Australia, 71 from Brazil, 495 from Canada, 105 from Germany, 145 from India, and 58 from South Africa.


Attended in-person for worship this year.


You gave $42,107.47 to those in financial crisis due to COVID-19.


Dollars were raised for 121Hope on GivingTuesday in December. We blew past our goal of $25,000 in the first 30 minutes!


Our daily liturgy at bible.northlandchurch.net was read more than 776,576 times.


Pageviews on our website with 218,243 users from 174 countries and sovereign states—including 3,837 from Canada, 943 from China, 216 from Nigeria, 70 people from Sri Lanka, and 27 from Namibia! Visitors viewed our site in more than 147 different languages, including Croatian and Vietnamese.


Dollars given as general tithes and offerings to support the work of building God’s Kingdom, both here in Central Florida and around the world.


Video frames rendered.


3,331 social media posts were displayed to people 11,124,488 times—resulting in 677,767 engagements and 18,951 link clicks.

It’s amazing to see how God can leverage free technology, like social media, to build His Kingdom in this virtual world.

Amazing Grace!

The people of Northland are eyewitnesses to what God is doing as we link together for worship and service everywhere, every day. That cannot be quantified, but the numbers can be inspiring!